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TouchGuide's inventor, Mark Metz, demonstrates a unit in a hotel lobby

Welcome to the TouchGuide Online Information Service, brought to you by! The TouchGuide service, one of the world's first kiosk-driven electronic city guides, has been a global pioneer in the presentation of high-demand information to both the business and leisure traveler.

In 1992, the TouchGuide service's inventor began with a vision of an electronic city guide network distributed via many formats. This network included a series of public touch screen kiosks placed in high-traffic areas such as visitor centers, hotel lobbies and convention facilities. Since then, the size and scope of the information originally presented on TouchGuide-brand kiosks has grown and this information source is now the basis for one of the world's most popular series of city guide web sites, the MetroGuide Network.

Touch a TouchGuide-brand computer screen, and you open a door on a world of interactive knowledge. From the very start, TouchGuide kiosks have featured HotelGuide for hotel information, DiningGuide for restaurant information, EventGuide for event information, NightGuide for nightlife information, RetailGuide for shopping information and MetroGuide for city information.

Please select one of the options in the "TouchGuide Topics" section below to see the wide range of available content that has been a TouchGuide hallmark throughout the years.

TouchGuide Topics TouchGuide Topics

HotelGuide · RetailGuide · EventGuide
NightGuide · DiningGuide · MetroGuide

TouchGuide Samples TouchGuide Samples

Below are some sample photographs of TouchGuide-brand kiosks that have been deployed "in the field." You can run your mouse pointer over the pictures for commentary.

A TouchGuide Perfecta(TM) Series kiosk in action at a popular visitor's welcome center. The sloping face assists in keeping the model free of user leave-behinds. The TouchGuide Express model.  With a detached monitor assembly, this version allows the flexibility to separate the display from the CPU and printer module.
A TouchGuide Perfecta(TM) Series kiosk deployed in a hotel lobby. The color of the unit was chosen by the host to match the decor of the facility. A TouchGuide Titania(TM) Series kiosk, designed for use in a high-traffic lobby area of a resort.  Note the coupon for an area restaurant being offered at the front of the unit. Stereo speakers in the faceplate provide the optimal user multimedia experience.


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