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Our History. TouchGuide's origins trace all the way back to 1992, when PC computing power and prices both started to reach the point where a distributed series of multimedia kiosks could become financially viable. With the Internet not yet established as a commercial medium, TouchGuide's inventor was looking for ways to distribute a collection of location-based content in an electronic format. The resulting public kiosk platform featured the EventGuide-brand event calendar, the HotelGuide-brand hotel directory, the MetroGuide-brand city guide, the NightGuide-brand nightlife locator, the DiningGuide-brand restaurant directory and the RetailGuide-brand shopping list. To maximize the distribution of this local content, the TouchGuide Network rolled out to a series of units in high-traffic public locations, including chambers of commerce, hotel lobbies and visitor centers.

Our Mission. The TouchGuide service's goal is to provide reliable and timely local information for tourists and residents alike, coupled with the ability to conveniently conclude relevant commercial transactions. The TouchGuide Network will be seamlessly integrated with all of the other guide services, to provide members with another "anytime, anywhere" touch-point (in addition to PDA's, WAP and other such technologies) to their accounts and to the data that they rely on.

The Technology. From the very start, the TouchGuide service would require innovative technologies to deliver the desired user experience. Not only were the original TouchGuide kiosks multilingual (English, Spanish and German), they featured coordinate-based maps to the business listed in the directories and could print discount coupons. To manage a spectacular panoply of information services, TouchGuide's inventor also created the MetroManager information management program, specifically designed to handle the complex task of publishing large volumes of location-based content at the metro level.

The Future. Imagine a world where you can access information anytime, anywhere and in the format you need and prefer. TouchGuide will be a part of that world. Buy an event ticket, make a restaurant reservation or browse a select list of nearby nightclubs -- it will all be just a touch away with TouchGuide.

Thank you for your interest in the TouchGuide service!

The TouchGuide Team


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